Our Products

Building useful and elegant products is the central goal that unites all of our members. The belief that we are doing great work is what drives the department forward and keeps us motivated. At DP Tech, we build both short term projects such as bi-weekly project pages and long term projects including DP+ and websites redesign. For more details, checkout our GitHub repos.


The mobile app that allows you to read stories from all three publications at the palm of your hands. You can view the trending stories, search articles by keywords, and bookmark your favorites.

Projects @ The DP

Project pages and standalone interactives for all three publications, including the iconic election guide, year in review, covid page, and even more. Built in GatsbyJS and NextJS.

Recommendation Engine

The data science team at the DP created a dynamic more like this feature using DP-specific document embeddings to provide users with more relevant content. Built using Python and SQL

The Daily Pennsylvanian Website

The main website for the Daily Pennsylvanian that delivers the latest news, photos, and videos. Receiving more than 10,000 views each day, thedp.com is the most widely used news website across the campus.

34th Street Magazine Website

Styled using the iconic green tint, the website of 34th Street is where you can keep yourself updated with the pulse of music, film, and cultural news.

Under the Button Website

Penn’s only intentionally satirical publication, known for its signature memes and snark, is a campus fixture for highlighting the pulse of student life.